street photography conversations

Julia Coddington and I are planning to host a series of street photography conference calls, with the first call scheduled for 4 March 2018. 


Social platforms are great for showing our work and for day-to-day interactions, but they are not so good for deeper and more detailed conversations. Speaking directly to each other in real time is always a better approach, especially for discussions on complicated or controversial topics. 

So for this project, we plan to host a series of conversations on street photography, with a focus on creative and practice topics. The conference calls will occasionally include a presentation by an interesting photographer, followed by questions and discussion. And sometimes we will discuss our collective experiences as street photographers and talk about the street photography community itself. 

Participant numbers are limited and the calls are (gently) moderated, so the conversations have a better chance of staying on-topic. 

We hope that as we get used to meeting this way, better relationships and more meaningful conversations will develop! 

Register for the calls 

We are inviting you to register your interest for the calls, and when arrangements are finalised (around the end of January 2018) we will email you a FAQ with everything you need to know about the project. 

Until then, there's a few things we can tell you: 

  • We have some topics in mind for the calls, but you are invited to suggest topics when you register. 
  • The calls will be free. We haven't decided what technology to use yet - it could be something like Facebook group call, or Google Hangouts. If we use a telephone-based system, local, in-country dial-in numbers will be available. 
  • Because we all live in different parts of the world, inevitably some people will be calling in at less convenient times of the day (or night!). We'll try to make that as equitable as possible through the year, so that not every call will happen at 2am where you are :)
  • There will be a limit of about 15 participants on each call, drawn from the pool of registered people. 
  • Invitations to attend any particular call are at our discretion, and we will work to ensure there is a diversity of voices on each call, and to make sure that that everyone who has registered gets to participate as often as possible.