Artistry and Meaning in Playback Theatre

About the workshop

11-12 May 2024 Brisbane, Australia | Workshop is fully booked

This workshop will focus on listening, embodiment, artistry and spontaneity. 

We’ll refresh our understanding of the traditional playback theatre forms and their use in performance, play with some new forms and explore ways to bring artistry to our enactments. Along the way we’ll learn to listen more deeply to the stories of our tellers and to bring more insight and energy to our acting on stage. And we'll have fun!

This workshop is organised by Brisbane Playback Theatre.

About Gerry Orkin

Gerry is an Australian playback practitioner whose involvement with Playback Theatre began in 1985. He was an actor, conductor and co-director of Canberra Playback Theatre over a period of 25 years. More recently he directed a Playback company in Wollongong, New South Wales.

Gerry has a special interest in training conductors, bringing artistry to the stage, and helping companies work with the social dimensions of stories and issues of social justice. He has led workshops in Australia, Singapore, Greece, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, the UK and Portugal.

Gerry is a faculty member and board member of the Australasian School of Playback Theatre and is involved with community building in the region as well as internationally. He has a professional background in social policy and service development, and has worked on issues like homelessness, violence against women and child protection for government and non-government agencies.