Purchasing Widelux filters

UPDATE 23 February 2021

The latest batch of filters have now sold out. Contact me using the form on this page and let me know what you wish to purchase. I may consider producing another batch of filters if demand is high enough.

For your information, a full set (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and 1-stop and 2-stop ND) cost AU$220. Individual filters (any of those plus a 3-stop ND) cost AU$55, with a minimum purchase of 2 filters. I'm no longer selling empty filter holders. Payment is by Paypal. Shipping to most countries is an additional AU$25, but may be a little higher for some destinations. 

Filter information

The filters are mounted in a black 3d-printed filter holder. They are cut from CR39 optical quality, original brand Cokin resin filters.